Remembering Chip Piatti (1946-2020)

October 13, 2020

An event we all look forward to at Hobin Architecture, the annual field trip, has taken us across the continent and around the world. On six of these trips, we have been blessed with the opportunity to be led and enlightened by Francesco (“Chip”) Piatti. An instructor at Boston Architectural College and an avid historian, Chip’s guided tours had the ability to both satisfy enquiry and provoke curiosity.

Chip is remembered as being a soft spoken, good humoured gentleman, and a fountain of knowledge in architectural history and anthropology. This Thanksgiving, the Hobin team gives thanks for bringing us together with Chip over the years; it has surely enriched us both professionally and personally. Read on as members of our team reflect on their time spent with Chip.

“Chip was such a wonderful person.  His contributions to our field trips were very special.  Some of the most memorable moments of our journeys together involved Chip. His knowledge and passion for architecture were obvious, but his connection to people and desire to share his passion with us will stay with us forever.  A true loss to the architectural community.”

—Doug Brooks, Partner

Boston, 2001 (left) and New York City, 2006 (right)

“Very sad to hear. Chip was always there to conduct tours for us whenever we asked, however far way from his hometown in Boston and he did so with such passion. A relationship that stretched back as far as 2001.”

—Reinhard Vogel, Director

Washington D.C., 2012

“My first experience with Chip was at the Washington Mall. His story telling and sharing his knowledge of the history behind its layout was eye opening. He will be sorely missed.”

—Karen Griffith, Arch. Tech.

Boston, 2013

“Ahhhh… I was very fond of Chip. When we were in Pittsburgh, Sandy and I spent most of Sunday with him. …my favourite moment has to have been at the end of the Harvard/MIT tour when we went into the circular chapel and began to sing. He was a wonderful guy. He often talked of coming to Ottawa but it never happened.”

—Gord Lorimer, Partner

New York City, 2014

“Very sad news indeed. Chip always had so much to share, so much to teach and always had time for everyone.”

—Dan Henhoeffer, Associate

Pittsburgh, 2016

“Such sad news. Times with Chip on our trips are some of the fondest memories I have. He always had so many little thoughtful insights; I was amazed by all the things that he was up to and I would regularly seek him out when we wandered from destination to destination as I found I learned more in those “moments between the moments” than I could have ever learned in a classroom. I consider it a special privilege to have been able to meet such an amazing person. Rest in Peace, Chip.”

—Scott Labrosse, Arch. Tech.

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