The Ottawa Humane Society

An animal-friendly facility with an intensive program and widely varied space types

The strong community values of the Ottawa Humane Society are celebrated in the design of the exterior and interior of their new 40,500 sq. ft. facility to create a destination environment that is welcoming to the public. The adoption and reception area provides the public with a unique opportunity to view and visit all the various animals available for adoption. Separate areas are set aside for dogs, cats, rabbits and exotic animals. A large meeting room with a secure outdoor yard is available for rent or for hosting animal handling and care courses sponsored by the Humane Society.

A large, modern clinic facility with animal operatory staffed by veterinarians provides state-of-the-art medical care for all new arrivals. The clinic supports the care of the large dog, cat and exotic holding areas. These areas are set up with high volume/high change-over air handling systems. Each area is equipped with full sanitary and wash-down facilities and has direct access to secure grassed exercise areas outside.

Administration and fundraising departments are situated adjacent to the public and holding areas and facilitate ease of access for staff and volunteers to the interior and exterior animal areas. The plan is designed to promote a strong connection to the staff, volunteers and the public.

The new building provides a stress-free environment for animals, staff and volunteers through creative daylighting techniques and skillful coordination of the building’s many functions. 

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