The Bridge

Helping The Bridge Church realize its ultimate vision through form & space

Since the construction of its modest facility in the mid 1990’s, The Bridge has experienced significant growth. In 2012, the church embarked on a three-phased expansion to provide much needed program space. The design establishes an internal circulation spine off of which each phase can be constructed like beads on a string. This approach also facilitates the addition of subsequent phases should the need arise.

The initial phase of expansion and the first “bead” includes an expanded lobby space and Children’s Wing.

The planned multi-purpose room and youth lounge within the second phase will expand the Church’s recreational programmes for older kids as well as offering a secondary space for worship and commune.

Aerial Concept Rendering with Phases 1 and 2

With its high visibility adjacent to the Queensway, the architecture  of the redeveloped church becomes a clear illustration of The Bridge’s ministry values and orientation to community. The non-descript volume space which served their needs for twenty years is now a secondary element in the facade, providing a backdrop to the random-patterned cubes that set the corners of the new Children’s Wing—the first phase of the overall expansion. 

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