OakWood Design Centre & Showroom

A Sustainable Flagship for OakWood Designers and Builders

This brand new facility is located in Ottawa’s east end near Trim Road and Highway 174. It is the flagship of OakWood’s locations and provides a spacious showroom and corporate offices designed with a focus on providing a healthier environment for staff, a reduced carbon footprint and an economical operating cost. The facility also boasts innovative spaces such as an immersive 3D virtual display room and a 74-screen interactive product showroom in addition to a seminar room with state-of-the-art audio/visual technologies.

While the new facility is commercial in nature, it is expressed with materials and roof forms that offer a visual suggestion of the company’s range of services.

The building’s exterior facade and surrounding landscaping were designed to reflect OakWood’s quality of service, creativity and innovation in sustainability. A palette of natural materials is married with large expanses of glass, providing a strong connection to the outdoors from the spaces within. A veil of cedar battens provides filtered daylight to the south facing showroom wing, while deep roof overhangs soften the sunlight to the second floor offices at the east wing. 

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