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Comfort. Dignity. Quality of Life.

Hobin Long-Term Care and Seniors’ Living projects are crafted with comfort & healing in mind. We create safe & nurturing home-like environments that promote a sense of ownership & pride. Living spaces that are bright, warm and inviting encourage activity & social interaction. Each of our Homes is carefully designed to promote the residents’ dignity & quality of life.

Expertise with Ontario’s Enhanced Long-Term Care Home Renewal Strategy

Hobin Architecture provides the tools to help you make informed decisions. Redevelopment Business Cases backed by the knowledge of seasoned experts in the field. Functional and Space Programming that implements Lean Processes for the optimization of routines and repetitive tasks. Site Options and Master Plans that consider the fine-grained regulatory framework. Public Consultation and Tools for Fundraising; Hobin Architecture is the one-stop shop for helping you realize your development goals.

Evidence-Based Approach

Our approach to the design of Long-Term Care homes and Seniors’ Living considers emerging best practices which are proven in other facilities. This evidence-based approach ensures that your project is not the test case for new ideas; we observe, listen and learn from the mistakes of others so that your residents are guaranteed the quality of care that they have been promised.

Featured Long-Term Care & Seniors’ Living Projects