BJHA St. Pat’s Sizzle Team

Wendy Brawley, Chief Sizzler

Wendy Brawley, Chief Sizzler

The BJHA team (L to R): Jennifer Guidry, Melanie Lamontagne, Jeff Chaput, and Tracey Stirling

The BJHA team (L to R): Jennifer Guidry, Melanie Lamontagne, Jeff Chaput, and Tracey Stirling

Last Friday, July 24 was more than just a sunny start to a great Ottawa weekend.  For a few members of the BJHA team, it was also an opportunity to be part of a great annual event at St. Pat’s Home in Ottawa.

For the second year in a row, BJHA staff participated in the St. Pat’s Home Residents’ barbeque lunch.  Our team – which included Wendy Brawley, Jennifer Guidry, Melanie Lamontagne, Jeff Chaput, and Tracey Stirling – worked with Rob from St. Pat’s Recreation and the Staff of the Kerry House to help bring the BBQ to life.  We assisted in transporting residents to and from the garden, operating the barbeque, preparing plates, and delivering meals to the residents assembled in the garden area.

Once the St. Pat’s residents had been served lunch, our team was able to sit and enjoy a sunny afternoon with them.  Events like this one allow the BJHA team to spend quality time with our clients.  It gives us the opportunity to get to know them and to get a better glimpse of the needs, uses, and opportunities – in this case – for the residents of a long-term care facility. Understanding the residents’ needs and seeing them in action, at home, allows us to enhance our expertise when we design long-term care homes with the residents in mind. These spaces provide residents with as much independence as possible while also supporting staff with facilities that allow them to perform their tasks efficiently, all in a home-like setting.

The BJHA St. Pat’s Sizzle Team is already looking forward to next year’s festivities, and to catching up with the residents and staff.

Giving Back Challenge July 2015: Habitat for Humanity NCR

Having supported a variety of Habitat for Humanity initiatives for the past few years, we are pleased to be turning our July #GivingBack Challenge attention to Habitat for Humanity National Capital Region.

Barry J. Hobin & Associates Architects support of Habitat for Humanity National Capital Region dates back to 1996. Both Barry and Gord Lorimer have served on the Board of Directors, while Gord has also Chaired the Faith Relations Team and continues to participate in Habitat for Humanity mission builds around the world – most recently in El Salvador.

In 2012, a Habitat development in Orleans was designed by Barry J. Hobin & Associates Architects to integrate into the existing neighbourhood. The design team included Gord Lorimer, Patrick Bisson, Karen Griffith and Alison Michelin. During his involvement in the design and approvals process, Patrick Bisson was inspired by the power of the Habitat community building philosophy. Patrick’s motivation was so infectious that in 2013, he convinced a group of his coworkers to give of their own time and join him as volunteers on the build. In the end, Allison, Patrick, Doug, Gord, Kent, Corry, Karen, Scott, Patrick, Todd, Leila, and Marc – helped to build Habitat NCR’s 41st, 42nd and 43rd homes in the National Capital Region. Those homes now house four families with a combined total of 15 children.

The first Habitat NCR home was built in 1994. Since then, Habitat for Humanity National Capital Region has built a total of 47 houses and has completed nine retrofits. These projects have provided homes to more than 50 families (with 130 children). Habitat for Humanity now operates in 100 countries and has built over 225,000 houses since 1976. Here at home, Habitat NCR is responsible for raising its own funds, organizing volunteers, and building the homes for low-income, working families living in the National Capital Region.

Habitat for Humanity National Capital Region is presently working on their 48th to 52nd Ottawa-area homes. We encourage you to support this initiatives by volunteering your time, skills, and expertise. Visit for more information.

Giving Back Challenge June 2015: Christie Lake Kids

Since 1922, Christie Lake Kids has been committed to serving economically disadvantaged children and youth by providing recreation and skill-building programs – at no cost.

Having supported a variety of Christie Lake Kids initiatives for the past few years, we are pleased to be turning our June #GivingBack Challenge attention to their camp and inner city programs, including: Christie Lake Kids Camp, the STAR, and LIT programs, among others.

Having evolved over the last 93 years, Christie Lake Kids is familiar with concerns currently impacting Ottawa’s youth and works to ensure that children and youth in our community have access to opportunities to learn skills through sports, arts, camps, mentoring and leadership while connecting with the community and offering play in a safe and nurturing environment.

Their approach is supported by the belief that children who participate in this type of structured and challenging programming are more likely to have better self-esteem, do better in school, and develop drive and ambition that may help to break the more common cycles of growing up in poverty.

Barry J. Hobin and Associates Architects have supported Christie Lake Kids as a corporate donor and in supporting fundraising initiatives, including the annual Gala, since 2010. We encourage you to support these initiatives by volunteering your time, skills, and expertise to programs or events or by making a financial contribution to support Christie Lake’s mandate to turn lives around and provide opportunities to children that will, in turn, build a more solid community.

Hobin GivingBack June

Giving Back Challenge May 2015: Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa

Committed to providing a safe and supportive place for children and youth, the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa (BGCO) has served the Ottawa community since 1923, reaching out to 4,500 children and youth each year through after-school, weekend and summer programs that build self-esteem and help to develop stronger social skills.

We are pleased to be turning out #GivingBack Challenge attention to the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa and their commitment to providing a solid foundation for Ottawa-area children and youth. Though not previously involved with the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa as a firm, various members of Various members of the Barry J. Hobin team have had personal connections over the years are pleased to be working with BGCO now on the renovation of their McArthur Avenue Clubhouse.

The McArthur Avenue Clubhouse will close temporarily, relocating programs and services to the nearby Ottawa Technical Secondary School (OTSS) at 485 Donald Street, while the existing Clubhouse is be retrofitted and updated to create more usable space – a project being led by Sandy Davis for Barry J. Hobin and Associates.

The current 20,605 square foot building was built in 1970 and is one of 8 Ottawa-area Boys and Girl Club locations. In 2013, nearly 1,100 children and youth aged six to 18 made more than 22,500 visits to the McArthur Avenue Clubhouse which currently suffers from several issues related to the roof and windows, heating system and electrical – not to mention the almost 35% of unusable space currently occupied by a closed pool.

When complete, the rejuvenated space will better server the community’s needs and will effectively accommodate the high demands on the facility. Updates will include a new roof, fire alarm system, hydro upgrade, HVAC system, relocated and expanded kitchen and food preparation areas, relocated and upgraded washroom facilities and the creation of an indoor sports field in place of the currently closed pool.

You can support the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa by making a donation.

Giving Back April – The Canadian Cancer Society

Since January, the Barry J. Hobin and Associates Architects team has extended their long history of community support by bringing awareness to a different charity or cause each month. The Giving Back campaign is also a challenge to encourage the community and BJHA’s peers within the Ottawa Construction industry to show their support by donating time and or money to the organizations highlighted during the campaign.

To date, Barry J. Hobin and Associates Architects has supported local organizations including: The Ottawa Torah Centre, The Ottawa Mission, and St. Patrick’s Home.


As April begins, we are pleased to turn the attention of #GivingBack2015 to the Canadian Cancer Society in Ottawa and to their Daffodil Month campaign.

Cancer statistics in Canada are astounding. According to a 2014 Canada Cancer Society report:

  • Approximately 2 in 5 Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime.*
  • The CCS estimated that each hour in 2014 approximately 22 people would be diagnosed with cancer.*
  • An estimated 76,600 Canadians were expected to die of cancer in 2014.*

The generosity of individuals, community groups and businesses allows the Canadian Cancer Society to be the largest charitable funder of cancer research in Canada. The Society offers the most comprehensive source of credible information on cancer, treatment and risk reduction and continues to provide support for people living with cancer, their family members and friends here in our community. Show your support by giving back to this organization by purchasing and displaying a Daffodil, by making a direct donation, and by challenging your peers to do the same.

This April, by volunteering just a few hours of your time selling daffodil pins in support of Daffodil Month, you will be saving lives and helping people who are living with cancer. Register online here.

The Barry J. Hobin and Associates team also supports cancer survivorship and research programs through sponsorship and participation in other local initiatives including Read for the Cure and Ride the Rideau.  As we identify and support a new organization each month during the Giving Back Challenge, we look forward to sharing our progress and to providing a new voice for deserving organizations.

* Canadian Cancer Society, Canadian Cancer Statistics 2014

Lansdowne Comes to Life

Minto_lansdowne_The_RideauWhen the redevelopment of Lansdowne was first considered, it may have been difficult to imagine to what extent the multi-phased project would impact the area. Although Lansdowne remains a hot topic of conversation for Glebe residents and for those living in surrounding neighbourhoods, a 2014 survey of Ottawa businesses showed that 50% of respondents felt the Lansdowne redevelopment would have a positive impact on their business.

Taking a look around all that site has to offer, it’s not hard to see how the project as a whole – a modern example of the positive impact of design and careful urban planning – has breathed new life into its downtown Ottawa neighbourhood.

TD Place opened its doors and hosted the inaugural season of the Ottawa RedBlacks, Ottawa’s new CFL Expansion team, and is home ice for the Ottawa 67′s, Ottawa’s OHL hockey team. In addition to the new stadium, the reinvented Lansdowne features residences within condominium towers designed by Barry J. Hobin and Associates for Minto and in adjacent townhomes on Holmwood, retail, sports and entertainment, and public amenities at Lansdowne Park, managed by The City of Ottawa.

Lansdowne Park is a well-organized blend of amenities (including a public skating rink, sledding hill, a basketball court, skateboard park, public park, and heirloom orchard, among others) and events, courtyards, heritage buildings (Aberdeen Pavilion and Square have been repurposed for community use and to house a Farmer’s Market), and green space.

For home buyers, Minto@Lansdowne offers several unique condo options in the Rideau and Vibe buildings, as well as in townhomes on the north edge of the park. Units in both buildings are still available (4 in The Vibe, 19 in The Rideau) while only one townhome is still available for sale. All designed by the Barry J. Hobin and Associates team, the residences at Lansdowne take full advantage of their location while protecting and respecting the neighbourhoud culture.


Giving Back Challenge March: St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa

As March begins, we are pleased to turn our attention to St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa Long-Term Care Facility. An Ottawa pillar for almost 150 years, St. Pat’s is recognized as a community leader in the long-term care of the elderly and now offers more than 288 beds following a redevelopment of the now Level A facility.

In August 2007, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care awarded St. Patrick’s Home 96 additional beds.  This led to a redevelopment plan that would also see the reconstruction of the existing facility.  Wendy Brawley led a team from Barry J. Hobin and Associates Architects that includes Bryan Bonell, Melanie Lamontagne and Steve Clifford, as they began the process of redesigning St. Pat’s to meet specific Ontario provincial criteria for long-term care facilities.  Now, more than six years after they began, the new St. Patrick’s Home is complete.  Residents rang in a new year in a new home, moving into the new facility on December 30 and 31st, 2013.

Through Barry J. Hobin and Associates Architects, the St. Pat’s project profited from extensive knowledge in the redevelopment of long-term care facilities that goes well beyond design elements to include experience and familiarity with not-for-profit processes in order to leverage fundraising and expand budget reach.

Donations can be made in support the home that relies upon donors to ensure that each resident receives the best care possible, or supporters can attend their 150th anniversary celebration on March 12th, 2015 by purchasing tickets online.


Gord Lorimer joins Board of Directors at The Ottawa Mission

OMlogonewblackandwhiteBuilding on a long relationship between Barry J. Hobin and Associates Architects, and more specifically on his role on the Ottawa Mission’s Holland Properties Committee, Gord Lorimer has accepted a 3 year renewable position on the Board of Directors of The Ottawa Mission.

The Ottawa Mission has a history in Ottawa that goes back more than 100 years. Founded in 1906 as the Union Mission for Men, it remains a men’s emergency shelter (women are referred to separate overnight shelters), although women can access Hospice nursing beds, community meals and other services such as the Client Services Center, the Primary Medical Clinic and the Stepping Stones Learning Center. The Ottawa Mission also operates a job training program, food services education program, a medical/dental clinic, and secondary/transition housing projects including Holland Properties.

The Ottawa Mission has 235 beds (including 14 beds for palliative nursing care and 36 beds for addiction treatment programs) but often operates at more than 100% capacity, relying on roll out mats to deal with the overflow. Since the average stay is 54 days and in some cases much longer, the Mission is committed to finding new and additional transition housing options.  Holland Properties is one such solution – a group of apartments on Holland Avenue in Ottawa that offer a mix of subsidized and market-rate units provides secondary and transition housing options to Ottawa Mission clients who are rebuilding their lives.

Peter Tilley, The Ottawa Mission’s Executive Director explained that a recent Strategic Planning exercise identified housing options (secondary and transition) and homelessness solutions as priorities for the coming years.  Gord’s role on the Board of Directors will call on his professional expertise in housing development and design to assist with those priorities as there are currently more than 100 shelter beds used for long term stays. These residents should have the opportunity to be transitioned to long term stay facilities when available.

“Gord’s industry expertise and his work with the Ottawa Mission, with Holland Properties and now on our Board of Directors, will be an invaluable contribution to our priorities at a time when we are working closely with the City of Ottawa to find solutions for long term stays and better housing options,” said Tilley.

As a firm, Barry J. Hobin and Associates Architects has worked for many years with The Mission on renovations and expansions that have been required by program development. These include renovations of an adjacent building used as office space, the addition of the Hospice facility, and the conversion of a building on Daly Street that is used for the Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation program.

With Gord’s appointment to the Board, the Ottawa Mission can look forward to an even more successful association, with many exciting and community-minded projects to come.

Revit at BJHA

Architects have long relied on 3D design software to develop their design concepts but then had to switch over to 2D CAD programs to produce the detailed construction drawings.  Autodesk Revit however, provides architects with the ability to create full-scale virtual models of buildings which can be used throughout the life of a project.

BJHA is committed to remaining at the forefront of industry innovation and to providing documentation to our clients and contractors that is second to none.  Projects designed using Revit provide clients with a visual understanding of the design as it progresses, and allow consultants to integrate their components and systems (including structural, mechanical, and electrical) in an interactive and co-ordinated way.  This integration using Revit benefits the project from the design phase, through construction to completion and hand-over of the project, ultimately providing the building owner with a living tool for their ongoing operations.

Hobin.DanHenhoeffer cr

Senior Technologist Dan Henhoeffer

In order to champion the Revit revolution, Barry J. Hobin and Associates Architects welcomed Senior Technologist Dan Henhoeffer, a graduate of the Fanshawe College Architectural Technologist program, to their team.  Dan brings significant experience in many aspects of the architectural industry as a BIM Manager, Project Manager, 3D animator, and Revit specialist.

Dan is a certified LEED Accredited Professional and is dedicated to providing creative and technical support, and project management skills to the already strong architectural team at BJHA.

Dan’s Revit experience is vast and varied.  Having worked in Ottawa’s architectural industry for almost 20 years, Dan has contributed to a number of Revit-driven projects in a variety of industries, such as: Ottawa Chinese Alliance Church Addition, Equinelle Golf Clubhouse, Preston Square Block C, Lansdowne Park Underground Garage, Algonquin College Student Commons, uOttawa Henderson Residence and the Downtown Ottawa O-Train Stations.

Giving Back February: The Ottawa Mission

In January, Barry J. Hobin and Associates Architects issues a challenge to our colleagues and peers to donate time and/or money to organizations highlighted during our #GivingBack Challenge.  We are pleased to highlight The Ottawa Mission as the February focus of Barry J. Hobin & Associates Architects’ #GivingBack Challenge.

The Ottawa Mission, located in downtown Ottawa, is a men’s emergency shelter (women are referred to separate overnight shelters) with 235 beds, that also offers unisex hospice nursing beds, community meals and other services such as the Client Services Centre, the Primary Medical Clinic and the Stepping Stones Learning Centre. Barry J. Hobin & Associates Architects has worked for many years with The Mission on renovations and expansions that have been required by program development and firm partner Gord Lorimer currently serves as a volunteer member of the Board of Directors. The Ottawa Mission also operates a job training program, food services education program, a medical/dental clinic, and secondary/transition housing projects including Holland Properties. Providing food, shelter, clothing, and life-changing programs, the Ottawa Mission served 473,000 meals and provided shelter to 1,733 people last year alone.

We encourage you to turn your support to the Ottawa Mission, and more specifically to their February fundraising initiative: The Coldest Night of the Year, taking place on February 21st, 2015.

The Coldest Night of the Year: Downtown Ottawa, an organized 2, 5, or 10KM walk through Ottawa’s Downtown core, is an opportunity to support hundreds of people who rely on The Ottawa Mission’s programs and services each day. You can register to walk or make a donation to a registered walker. All proceeds will support The Ottawa Mission, with some funds earmarked for equipment needed in the Ottawa Mission Hospice.